DVSA Instructor Training

I pride myself in offering quality training to aspiring driving instructors. This profession has given me the flexibility to work my own hours. However, being a driving instructor is not easy. You will still need to put in the hours to earn an income. Click on this link to find out the whole qualifying process in more detail: Click Here

Part one Theory.

You will need to complete both the questions and hazard perception clips. There are 4 strands of theory testing and you need to achieve at least 20 out of 25 for each strand, making it 80%. The hazard perception clips last for 1 minute and there are 15 clips. Maximum score for each clip is 5. Pass mark is 57 out of possible maximum mark of 75. Once enrolled, I will guide you where to purchase your books and downloads for the theory.

Part 2 Driving Ability.

The DVSA expect a very high standard of driving from a potential instructor. Do not think that it will be easy unless you already have advanced driving qualifications from DIAmond, IAM or ROSpa. The DIAmond Advanced driving test will be a good starting point, before taking the DVSA Driving test. The driving test is not like an “L” test. The driving test lasts 1 hour and you can pass up to 6 driving faults. You will be tested on all different types of roads and five independent manoeuvres including 10 minutes of independent driving.

Refer to the above link as to what the test entails. I charge £30.00 per hour. An initial assessment of your driving will be done to determine how many hours you will need to be test standard. You can have up to 3 attempts to pass the driving ability test. Fail at your third attempt, then you need to start all over again. This means re-taking your theory test @ £90.00 per attempt.

The new part 2 test will include:

  • three “Tell Me” & two “Show Me” (which will be done on the move and will include a show me question relating to the use of cruise control if fitted)
  • emergency stop will be carried out in one in three tests
  • two manoeuvres selected at random from the list of : reverse park on road or into a bay.  Driving into a bay and reverse out either to the left or right.  Pull up on the right and reverse a couple of car lenghts
  • 20 minutes of independent driving, either following a Sat-Nav or traffic signs
  • an angle start, two normal stops, uphill & downhill start

Part 3 Instructional & Coaching Ability.

This is the difficult part of qualifying to be an ADI. The national pass rate is less than 30%. You will need at least 40 hours of training if not more to pass. If you do not pass on your third attempt, you will need to wait for up to 2 years since passing your Part 1 to start the qualifying process once again.

The Part 3 is set to change soon to be aligned with the Standards Check and The National Standards For Driver & Rider Training  (Role 6).  The main changes are:

  • Client – Centred Learning.  The pupil to take more responsibility of their learning and to reflect on their performance using a reflective log
  • A dialogue between instructor and pupil.  Less instruction and more coaching depending on the ability of the pupil
  • Managing risk and seeking continuous feedback from the pupil
  • No more role play from the Senior Examiner
  • Instructor will take an actual pupil – Can be a full licence holder
  • Lasts for an hour
  • Score less than 8 on Risk Management and you will not succeed

Read my blogs to get a more thorough understanding of what the Examiner expects….

Cost of training for Part 3 is £1,400.00. A lot of potential ADI’s are under prepared, lack knowledge and confidence on the day, hence the very low pass rate of 28%   Exam Fees payable to the DVSA.

Part 1 theory is £90.00 PER TEST – You can have as many attempts to pass.

Part 2 Driving ability – £111.00. Up to 3 attempts to pass

Part 3 Instructional ability – £111.00. Up to 3 attempts to pass



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