DVSA Fleet Instructor Training

The fleet market gives you as an ADI an extra income to supplement your existing work, namely teaching provisional licence holders. The fleet market is picking up now and there are opportunities with major fleet companies. You will be on the DVSA register having passed the qualifying process.

Part One is your Theory test.

The test consists of 100 questions. I will email you copies of the questions so that you start to practice in your own time. There are four strands:


  • Band 1 – Driving practices and procedures
  • Band 2 – Driver attitude, law and environmental issues
  • Band 3 – Vehicle dynamics & handling / accident procedures
  • Band 4 – Instructional coaching techniques / hazard perception


Driving Ability test.

This is an advanced test and a higher level of competency is needed. Some ADI’s may not have done any advanced driver training since passing your part 2. You will also need to demonstrate the principles of Eco driver training. See this clip from the BBC Watchdog, where I coach the presenter Matt Allwright: Click Here to View


  • During the test you must demonstrate your ability to give a commentary whilst driving , for not less than ten minutes.
  • You will be asked to complete one reversing exercise during the test selected at random.
  • An emergency stop is not required.
  • A maximum of 4 driving faults will be allowed.
  • The driving test lasts 60 minutes.



Instructional ability Test.

This test will last 60 minutes. It is not your Part 3 test. You will need coaching methods and a good understanding of Roadcraft to be successful. This is known as IPSGA (INFORMATION, POSITION, SPEED, GEAR, ACCELERATE). A lot of ADi’s tend to over instruct, this is not needed with a qualified driver.

I will train you in:


  • Pre Driver checks
  • Pre vehicle checks
  • In car presentation – you can use an I pad if you so wish
  • Risk assessment drive
  • Feedback/discussion
  • Coaching session using the GROW Model
  • Final feedback with recommendations.



DVSA fleet badge is £120.00 and lasts 4 years and your name is added onto the register. This is made payable to the DVSA.

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