The Defensive Driver


The Energy savings has appointed me to deliver Eco-driver training at NO COST TO YOU. Training is practical in your company car or van up to 3.5 tonnes for 1 hour.

Also includes the self –employed who own/lease their own vehicles.

Cut down on your fuel bill

Reduce your carbon emissions

Less wear and tear = savings on vehicle maintenance

Improve your CSR (Corporate social responsibility)



Terms & conditions

Today’s motoring climate requires one to have better skills on the road. The reasons are:

    • We are now part of a bigger Europe. This means our fellow Europeans can drive on a EU licence. They will bring with them their own style of driving.


    • The cost of fuel & maintenance is still a strain on the company’s profits. Imagine the cost of diesel fuel for a fleet of car drivers or van drivers?


    • More motorists and more road signs than it use to be some twenty years ago.


    • The costs of maintenance has also gone up.


This course which is a half day training can be delivered to your staff. I will not be instructing your staff on how to drive, but to offer coaching which will make them more safe drivers on the road. The benefits to you are:

    • With better planning skills, early braking instead of harsh braking. Harsh baking is the enemy of fuel. The harder you brake, the more fuel you will use.


    • Less risk of being involved in road traffic collision. Your employees are ambassadors for your company. You could be fined heavily under the corporate manslaughter act.


    • Reduced maintenance costs for your cars. Higher resale value.


    • Less gear changes, more block gear change will result in less fuel being used. Again, a benefit to your company.


    • Your staff will be trained by a Master DVSA Fleet Registered  ADI. Top 5% of instructors in England and Wales.


    • Raised staff morale. A sense of achievement and long term staff loyalty.

Course Structure

Typical start 9:00am



Aims and objectives of the morning session

Ask some simple questions of vehicle checks one should do on a regular basis.


Driving Assessment

Get the staff member to drive on various roads for 20-25 minutes.

Assess their driving and identify any risk factors. Agree on a plan of action to work on.

The next 30 minutes would be coaching from the trainer on how to:

Drive with better planning and awareness.

Eco-friendly driving which will cut down on your fuel bill How to read the road ahead and what to do about it?

When was the last time your staff read the Highway Code?

Carry out a reversing manoeuvre and offer constructive feedback.

Most drivers do not know where to look when reversing. A typical van is full of blind spots. Modern cars have wide rear pillars which makes it difficult to reverse.

A comprehensive two page report which highlights your staff’s driving performance.

If there is more than 2 staff who need to have their driving risk assessed, then a discount can be achieved.

Contact me today on 07903 99 77 33 or fill out your details on the “Contact Page”.