The New Standards Check Test – SC1

By Tariq Musaji DSA ADI


The current check test is to be replaced on the 7th April 2014. At the moment there is a plethora of workshops, conferences all geared up for the major change. These conferences are not cheap. They range from a single figure (monetary) to double figures from some of the big players of the ADI organisations. You then also need to factor in your loss of earnings, travel costs and accommodation if you do not wish to arrive tired on the day. My article offers a normative prescription as to how I see what skills you need and what you already know. After all, the skills of “core competencies” should not be thrown or wasted away. All you need is an extra set of skills to deal with the diverse range of customers. I will be discussing each primary activity and how it relates to the “National driver and rider training standard.”

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